ABCRFID provides programming and encoding services which exactly fit customer’s programming or encoding requirements.

RFID wristband can be widely applied in swimming pool, theme park, marathon, hospital management, membership management and loyalty program and access control management etc

The types of RFID wristband we can offer
Material PVC, Paper, Elastic, Silicone, Fabric/Textile , Vinyl
Protocol ISO14443A, ISO15693, ISO18000-6C(EPC Class 1 Gen 2)
Frequency 13.56Mhz
Chip NFC/HF (13.56 MHz):MIFARE Ultralight® C, MIFARE Ultralight® EV1 ,NTAG 213, NTAG®216, MIFARE Classic® 1K, etc
Certificate CE, FCC, RoHS
Frequency LF 125KMH, HF 13.56Mhz, UHF 840-960 MHz
Available Crafts Paper and soft PVC: screen printing; Fabric: silk screen printing, thermal transfer printing;
Silicone: screen printing, embossed, laser engrave, custom design is welcomed
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