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860-960MHz Alien Higgs3(H3) RFID Cable Tag


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  1. Frequency: UHF 860-960MHZ Chip: ALIEN Higgs-3.
  2. Protocol: EPC Class1 Gen2, ISO18000-6C.
  3. EPC: 96bits ,TID: 32bits User: 512bits.
  4. Reading distance:1~8 meters(depending on the Reader).
  5. Applications: Supply Chain Management; Distribution Logistics; Product Authentication; Asset Inventory and Tracking; Baggage Handling and Tracking.

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Weight N/A

Blue, Green, Red, Yellow


Cables, Fund sources, Plants



Communication Interface




ABS, Nylon


1 Piece, 10 Pieces, 100 Pieces, 500 Pieces, 1,000 Pieces


68mm x 24mm

7 reviews for 860-960MHz Alien Higgs3(H3) RFID Cable Tag

  1. S. Kinkead

    I used these to label the thru-hull valves on my sailboat. The tags are a bit larger than I needed, so I simply trimmed them to size with scissors.

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  2. K. Fitz

    Large. Well made. I work part-time at the morgue and someone steels the toe tags as a joke. Or switches them. I first noticed when a guy named George that a 500 lb tub of lard would not fit in the cremation oven so we were going to have to section him. The next afternoon his toe tag said his name was Gertrude
    .. well someone’s been messing around! So I ordered these they have a good quality zip tie. And when you clamp them down tight no worries about a sneaky morgue assistant switching them. And the cremation oven doesn’t care.

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  3. John H Watt, Jr

    My house has five bathrooms and three furnaces. These were perfect for labeling the many valves in the basement. Red for hot water, blue for cold water, and yellow for gas. After putting on the labels and writing where the pipe/valve was going, I covered them with transparent packing tape so the ink won’t smudge even if they get wet.

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  4. Briana Loza

    These were perfect to label my kid’s backpacks and lunchboxes! We do get a lot of rain where we live so writing on the actual plastic label would probably be best so the paper part doesn’t get wet and smudge.

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  5. Richard

    I used them to tag tool bags instead of opening up each one to see what tool I had stored in them. Have worked out great so far.

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  6. KM C.

    For years I have intended to label the major water and gas valves in my basement but never to around to it. I saw these and they came today. Within a very short time I had labeled twelve valves to make them easily located when I’m not around. They are big enough for a lot of information or just big names with a Sharpie. The cable tie system is permanent if used but there is also another “non-locking” hole that can be used for a less-permanent solution. I put a small piece of clear packing tape over the tag to hold it down. I’m going to move some plumbing in the near future and have plenty more to mark those new valves!

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  7. Linda Hill

    Very sturdy. I used them to tag water lines and shut off valves around my home. Even had enough to give my neighbor and I still have some leftovers. Love the bright colors too.

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