What is 5 Forum Types of NFC tags?

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There are five different types of NFC (Near Field Communication) tags defined by the NFC Forum, each with its own features, specifications, and use cases. The five types of NFC Forum tags are:

NFC Forum Type 1:

Also known as Topaz, these tags have a memory capacity of up to 128 bytes and can be rewritten multiple times. They are commonly used in low-cost applications such as ticketing, gaming, and access control.

NFC Forum Type 2:

Also known as NTAG, these tags have a memory capacity of up to 168 bytes and can be read-only or rewritten. They are commonly used in consumer electronics, such as smart posters, product authentication, and loyalty programs.

NFC Forum Type 3:

Also known as FeliCa, these tags have a memory capacity of up to 1 MB and offer fast data transfer speeds. They are commonly used in contactless payment systems, transportation ticketing, and access control.

NFC Forum Type 4:

These tags are based on ISO/IEC 14443 Type A/B standards and offer advanced security features such as encryption and digital signatures. They are commonly used in high-security applications such as electronic passports and payment cards.

NFC Forum Type 5:

Also known as NFC-V, these tags are based on ISO/IEC 15693 standards and offer longer communication ranges than other NFC tags. They are commonly used in asset tracking, logistics, and inventory management.

Comparisons of 5 different NFC Forum Types

NFC Forum Tag Type Protocol Frequency Advantage Disadvantage Typical Applications Common Chips
Type 1 ISO/IEC 14443-3A 13.56 MHz Rewritable, convenient and cost-effective solution Limited memory capacity Ticketing, gaming, access control NXP NTAG 11x, Infineon my-d move, Kovio 2K, Toppan Forms IC Tag
Type 2 ISO/IEC 14443-3A 13.56 MHz Offers read-only or rewritable capabilities Short communication range Smart posters, product authentication, loyalty programs NXP NTAG 21x, ST25DV, Sony FeliCa RC-S965
Type 3 JIS X 6319-4 13.56 MHz Offers fast data transfer speeds Limited compatibility with other devices Contactless payment systems, transportation ticketing, access control Sony FeliCa RC-S967
Type 4 ISO/IEC 14443-4A/B 13.56 MHz Provides high level of protection against fraudulent activities Higher cost compared to other types Electronic passports, payment cards, high-security applications NXP MIFARE DESFire EV2, Infineon SLE78, ST25TV
Type 5 ISO/IEC 15693 13.56 MHz Offers longer communication range Slower data transfer speeds Asset tracking, logistics, inventory management NXP ICODE SLIX, ST25DV, TI HF-I Plus

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